‘Jersey Shore’ Takes Over Vegas – JWOWW, “The Situation,” Snooki, and More!

The Jersey Shore takes over Las Vegas

The cast of Jersey Shore is everywhere these days–Italy, Miami, and more–but most recently, the group has been making several appearances in Las Vegas. Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino recently went head-to-head in a contest of popularity and skill, with “The Situation” even heading to Jay Leno’s show for support, while “DJ Pauly D” got to enjoy some not-so-private time with Britney Spears at one of her concerts in Montreal on August 11, as well as being signed on to part of her Femme Fatale tour. He will also spin at the Palms, Rain, Moon, and Ditch Fridays for at least the next year. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi recently signed on for Dancing with the Stars, and Jenni “JWOWW” Farley will join both Snooki and DJ Pauly D on a spinoff reality show in the coming months. JWOWW will be in Vegas through Labor Day weekend, and recently slammed Abercrombie and Fitch’s “request” for cast members to stop wearing their clothes, stating in part, “Who tells people not to shop at there store?! I WOULD NEVER discriminate anyone from buying my clothes because I love all my fans!”JWOWW has also been under criticism for her recent dramatic weight loss and plastic surgery.

The cast recently wrapped filming of the fourth season in Italy, but could the residency of guys like Pauly D full-time in Vegas mean we could see the Jersey Shore: Las Vegas? We’ll have to wait and see. For now, get information on The Palms and see if you can catch a glimpse of the Jersey cast doing their thing! Also, don’t forget to get the brand new Vegas iPhone App here and track the hundreds of restaurants and hotels we have in our database, complete with reviews, photos, ratings, and contact information. Also, be sure to check out Vegas Hipster, find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

The Palms in Vegas Sold

The Palms was sold to Caesars Entertainment

It’s official–The Palms Casino and Resort in Las Vegas is no longer owned by the Maloofs, as of last month. Now, they own just two percent of the property, with the possibility of gaining back up to 20 percent in the future. TPG Capital and Leonard Green & Partners assume ownership at 49 percent apiece. The Maloofs spent half a billion dollars building the casino from scratch, and were $380 million in debt for the Palms, with a $69 million line of credit with the city of Sacramento for their operations of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

TPG Capital is the parent company of Caesar’s Entertainment, where you can get rates low as $99 a night, so it is likely that the Palms will be converted to Caesar’s Total Rewards program within the next year (use your comps up now before re-branding begins!). We wish the Maloofs and the Palms the best of luck.

The Playboy Club in Las Vegas Opens at The Palms


Vegas is all about the new and exciting experience, and nothing quite defines that Las Vegas experience like The Playboy Club. Vegas gaming and nightlife come together in one wild atmosphere, hosted by The Palms. Nine blackjack tables and one roulette table are there for your enjoyment, and we even heard there may be some bunnies there…doors open at 9pm daily. Check out our page on The Playboy Club and The Palms’ Site for more!

The Real World Las Vegas 2

The Real World Las Vegas Cast is reuniting for another 6 shows that will span over a 3 week period. Filming is due to start today April 15th 2007.

Alton, Arissa, Brynn, Frank, Irulan, Steven and Trishelle will all be back in the Real World Suite at The Palms Hotel and Casino.

Touted as being the first Reality Show to be filmed in a Casino and knowing what The Real World shows were about, we had to watch the train wreck unfold. The original show slowly fizzled after our favorite character Brynn Smith went off to hang with her new boyfriend and barely got any TV time.

We believe that the reunion will have less excitement than the original series, because the cast is all grown up and actually have lives now, but we will have to watch because it’s VEGAS Baby!

The cast was contractually obligated to come back, but from what we have read The Real World Austin cast was asked first and when that fell through the Vegas cast opportunity presented itself.

The Palms Hotel and Casino Real World Suite is for rent, not during filming of course for around $10,000 a night that is up a bit from the last time we reported. The Palms renovated six rooms to create the original 3,000 square foot suite.

Of course the Palms has other suites like the Hugh Hefner suite, the basketball suite, the studio (which you cannot sleep-in, but they have packages) and a suite with bowling lanes. The Hugh Hefner designed Sky Villa with Infinity pool costs $40,000 a night so we hear.