The Rio Masquerade Show in the Sky is now Closed

The Masquerade Show in the Sky is Closed

The Masquerade Show in the Sky is Gone

The Rio Masquerade Show in the Sky is now Closed.
The Rio’s floating parade is closed after 16 years.  We are truly sad to see this go.  We take all Vegas new comers to see this and the Buffet.  You haven’t been to Vegas unless you have seen this parade.  Vegas never holds on to anything, it is always looking forward.

We will miss getting our beads from the scantily clad dancers from above.  We can still hear the music, see the stage performance and the floats overhead.

The show started in 1997 as part of the Masquerade Village expansion.  We really loved this expansion and it won the Best Hotel – Cabbie award – Cab Drivers are never wrong, except when they take you through the tunnel.

Here is our original review of The Masquerade show in the Sky
<b>The Masquerade Show in the Sky</b><br>
The Masquerade Show in the Sky features floats that suspended from the ceiling above the casino floor.<br><br>

The show is very fun, exillerating and loud.  The show starts off with floor acts including jugglers and mimes, then they grab the rest of the performers and parade around the floor before the stage comes up from the casino floor and the floats start circling the ceiling.<br><br>
If you want to ride in one of the floats that hang from the ceiling it costs $12.95 <br><br>
It is really a must see show, along with the casino.