Luxor’s New LAX Nightclub

Luxor is getting back into the Nightclub business again. After deciding the Egyptian theme wasn’t cool any more, they closed the RA Nightclub. Now as part of Luxor’s $300 Million renovation they are opening the LAX Nightclub, created by PURE Management, which everything they manage pretty much works out and designed by Thomas Schoos. The LAX Nightclub wants to draw the Los Angeles type crowd.

Here is the funny part, Britney Spears will host the grand opening of LAX set for Labor Day Weekend and one of the investors backing LAX is Christina Aguilera, I thought those two weren’t talking. Besides Christina, DJ AM is also an investor.

Here is the link:

Luxor Starts Construction to lose Egyptian Theme

The Luxor is tired and now is getting a $300 Million face lift, body lift, tummy tuck etc… The Luxor may be changing its name to “The Pyramid”, which I do not like, but who am I?

The RA Nightclub is now called LAX and will be run by PURE Management.

Two more Clubs will open this fall called Flight and Cathouse

Along with all of that an Ultrabar called Liquidity which will contain three sperate lounges will also open.

A new Bar Called Aurora will be in the lobby across from the front desk (seems this is a new theme)

The spa will be called Nurture and the pool will be renamed “Restore”.

Well what we need is another Cirque du Soleil and we have got it, in the form of Criss Angel starting in 2008. Also, Criss has been filming his show at the Luxor for the past year.

So Vegas is ever changing its face again, but to keep up it was a good move on MGM’s part to keep current. I have always enjoyed the Luxor’s architecture and its them, but to draw the crowds it was time for a change. I am excited to see what they come up with but sad to see the theme go.

Real World Las Vegas 2 Observations

Was Brynn really a party girl during season one? I got The Real World Las Vegas Season One after it first aired for a B-day present. So I took some time and I went back and watch season one. I paid close attention to all the Vegas sights and sound first and secondly the character development, which is more important? I have been using my Tivo to record Las Vegas Season 2, so I am not that hyped about the show, but it is Vegas.

My Observations: Brynn kissed a girl and was a go go dancer but what else did she do that was so wild? She found her boyfriend and the second half of of season one she disapeared. I feel that MTV Hyped up the fact she was a party girl, just like they hyped Trishelle as a good girl. They are total polar opposites now from the way they were portraid. Brynn has settled down and has two children, Trishelle on the other hand is still carrying the torch of a single party girl. I do not discount the fact that Vegas may have changed Trishelle, I know it did me, but how much do you think she actually changed or was she already that way. In no way am I faulting either of the two for who they are or who they have become, they both have goals and I hope they acheive them, but the trailer for season one was better than the movie.

Also, I should stop counting all the product placements for The Palms and other things.