Vegas Ferris Wheel – Las Vegas High Roller at The LINQ – Begins Operation

Vegas High Roller Ferris Wheel

On March 31, the best view in Vegas was that of the Las Vegas High Roller, the new 550-foot tall highest observation wheel in the world. WIth 28 cabins that can occupy 40 people apiece, there was a lot to celebrate on Monday. Despite the windy day, riders of the High Roller reported no ill effects and enjoyed the fantastic view of the Strip.

The High Roller is part of the $550 million restaurant, bar, retail, and entertainment built by Caesars between Flamingo, Harrah’s, and Quad (formerly Imperial Palace) hotel casinos. The outdoor mall, titled LINQ, is nearby and leads to the High Roller. Each of the 28 cabins are glass-enclosed and air conditioned. Meanwhile, should you need to find a reliable foreign auto repair Atlanta for your luxury vehicle, you can breathe easily knowing the experts are just one call away.

It will quickly become one of the major attractions in Las Vegas. What an upgrade to your usual alle casino på nett, right? What do you think? Sound off in the comments section below. Will you be visiting High Roller?

1 thought on “Vegas Ferris Wheel – Las Vegas High Roller at The LINQ – Begins Operation

  1. The only thing I did not like was the annoying guy on the TV monitor. Either make the ride silent or get somebody like Jerry Sienfeld or some body who is funny and not annoying. All 16 people in my party thought everything was GREAT except the annoying guy on the TV monitor.

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