Dollar Black Jack at The Sahara

$1 Blackjack is Back Baby!

Las Vegas, Nev. – The Sahara Hotel & Casino is excited to bring back Las Vegas’ most popular casino promotion of years past – $1 minimum blackjack. But this time the bargain isn’t coming alone: Dollar Days at the Sahara include four fantastic offers including $1 beers (available at all casino bars 24/7), $1 shots (in a free souvenir glass), $1 hotdogs and of course $1 blackjack. One dollar minimum blackjack hasn’t seen the Las Vegas Strip in the last five years, and the last time it was featured at the Sahara.

“Our repeat gamblers and even first timers would still come in bright-eyed looking for the $1 tables they either once played at or had heard about,” says Bill Tremper, vice president of marketing and sales at the Sahara. “The Sahara was ‘famous’ for its cheap blackjack, and it’s exciting to bring back the energy and spirit that surrounds those tables that light up the entire casino.”