Roy Horn — Sexual Assault Video Won’t Be Sold … For Now


The videos showing Roy Horn from Siegfried & Roy sexually assaulting his male caretakers won’t see the light of day … at least for now … because a judge just blocked it from being sold to the media.

Roy had requested a temporary restraining order after TMZ broke the story … that one of the caretakers was shopping the disturbing footage to media outlets.

A Nevada judge just signed the order — which also requires the caretaker to surrender the footage until a formal hearing can be held on June 8.

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Siegfried and Roy — Video of Roy Sexually Assaulting Employees Being Shopped

A graphic video showing Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy groping employees, grabbing their junk and squeezing their nipples is being shopped … TMZ has learned.

We have seen the video, and it’s extremely disturbing. Roy — who was mauled by a tiger in 2003 — has been going through rehab to strengthen his left side. But the physical therapists tell us, Roy’s right side is “extremely strong,” and the video clearly shows Roy sexually assaulting the male therapists.

The video — shot in 2010 — shows the following:

— As a caretaker helps Roy to the bathroom, Horn shoves his hand into the man’s butt crack in an aggressive manner

— On another trip to the bathroom, Roy thrusts his rear end into the male caretaker’s crotch

— In two clips, Roy grabs the genitals of two male caretakers

— Roy goes under the shirt of one caretaker and appears to tweak his nipples. The caretaker appears to writhe in pain

— It appears Roy gets frustrated with one of the caretakers and violently whips him with an oxygen tube

— Roy manhandles one of the caretakers and forcibly kisses him on the mouth

The 3 male caretakers in the video tell TMZ they are all straight and have families. They have sued Roy in Nevada court for the alleged sexual assaults.

The caretakers also tell us they went to the cops recently to file a crime report but were told the 1-year criminal statute of limitations had run.

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TMZ EXCLUSIVE: Jermaine Dupri Takes Song Requests … For a Cool $130k

Jermaine Dupri Takes Song Requests … For a Cool $130k


Jermaine Dupri and Su Suee
Next time you’re at a club in Vegas and Jermaine Dupri is the DJ … feel free to request a song — but only if you have $130,000 to blow.

The rapper was spinning at TRYST nightclub at the Wynn Hotel on Saturday … when some super rich guy — known as “Su Su” — dropped $90k on a 15 liter bottle of Ace of Spade Rose Champagne … plus an extra $40k on other fancy booze.

Sources tell us club honchos were so thrilled about the purchase, they asked Dupri to give Su Su a special VIP shout out.

Dupri not only obliged … but he was so impressed with the purchase, he LET THE GUY REQUEST A SONG!!  Which — if you’ve ever been to Vegas — never happens.

It gets better … “Su Su” was so thankful Dupri actually played his tune — Pitbull‘s “Give Me Everything” — he stuffed an additional $3,800 cash in his pocket as a tip!
“Su Su” tells TMZ … he was “happy” to throw down the cash because he loves Jermaine and thinks he’s a “bomb” DJ.

The lesson here … always make rich people happy.

Bonus: Su Su also got a free hat for his troubles. FREE HAT!!!

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TMZ EXCLUSIVE: NFL Star Ray Edwards — Drops $12k Taking Fan to Las Vegas



Atlanta Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards paid up this weekend on one of the coolest fan contests imaginable — and treated one lucky winner to a baller trip to Las Vegas … including awesome seats to the Floyd Mayweather fight Saturday night.

It was all part of Edwards’ “Dare to Be Different” contest, designed to give away a trip to Edwards’ biggest fan … who really needs a vacation.

A rep for Edwards tells TMZ he shelled out for two first class tickets for winner Chantel Snow and a friend ($1,250). He also paid for hotel accommodations at MGM Grand ($1,100), meals on Friday and Saturday ($3,000), a private limo and driver for their whole stay ($2,000), a private cabana at the Hard Rock pool ($900), tickets to the fight ($1,500/ea), VIP booth at the club Friday ($2,500).

A runner-up drove up to Vegas on his own dime, but all he got to do was meet Ray and watch him train.

Second place really is first loser.

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Bus Helps Cure Hangovers in Vegas

Vegas Hangover busAnybody who has been to Vegas knows the feeling of waking up in the morning with a hangover. One doctor has taken advantage of this “next morning” tradition of feeling sick to turn a profit.  Dr. Jason Burke, a board-certified anesthesiologist has started a medical practice on wheels called “Hangover Heaven”.

Hangover Heaven is a bus service that will arrive at the caller’s hotel and offer two services to aid you in overcoming your hangover. A basic package for $90 includes an IV of saline solution, B vitamins and vitamin C. A premium package, $150, includes two bags of saline solution. For an extra fee, Burke will even bring treatment to a tourist’s hotel room. While this medical practice is just starting there are still many concerns.

Some concerns include not taking a full medical history or maybe having an allergic reaction to the medicine that Burke offers. Dr Burke addressing these concerns says, “I’m not a cowboy. I’m not going to grab someone off the street…without knowing their medical history. If they do have something that might be complicated, I’ll refer them to an emergency room or tailor their treatment to avoid anything that might cause problems.” Burke even has the Hangover Heaven bus equipped with a hospital-style “crash cart” in case of a severe medical emergency. While the practice is still relatively new the Hangover Heaven bus is estimated to be extremely successful.

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