The Real World Las Vegas 2

The Real World Las Vegas Cast is reuniting for another 6 shows that will span over a 3 week period. Filming is due to start today April 15th 2007.

Alton, Arissa, Brynn, Frank, Irulan, Steven and Trishelle will all be back in the Real World Suite at The Palms Hotel and Casino.

Touted as being the first Reality Show to be filmed in a Casino and knowing what The Real World shows were about, we had to watch the train wreck unfold. The original show slowly fizzled after our favorite character Brynn Smith went off to hang with her new boyfriend and barely got any TV time.

We believe that the reunion will have less excitement than the original series, because the cast is all grown up and actually have lives now, but we will have to watch because it’s VEGAS Baby!

The cast was contractually obligated to come back, but from what we have read The Real World Austin cast was asked first and when that fell through the Vegas cast opportunity presented itself.

The Palms Hotel and Casino Real World Suite is for rent, not during filming of course for around $10,000 a night that is up a bit from the last time we reported. The Palms renovated six rooms to create the original 3,000 square foot suite.

Of course the Palms has other suites like the Hugh Hefner suite, the basketball suite, the studio (which you cannot sleep-in, but they have packages) and a suite with bowling lanes. The Hugh Hefner designed Sky Villa with Infinity pool costs $40,000 a night so we hear.

NBC’s Las Vegas Without James Caan and Nikki Cox

NBC’s Las Vegas will continue its fifth season without two original cast members, James Caan and Nikki Cox.

James Caan wants to return to doing movies and Nikki Cox wants to take her career in a different direction.

To fill their shoes NBC is trying to bring Tom Selleck on to the show. We here a watched “Magnum P.I” all the time. We can’t wait to see Rick, T.C and Higgins (Higgy Baby) Make guest appearances that would be sweet! We are not sure how Tom Selleck will fill James Caan’s shoes, we like the old school that Caan brought to the table. It was our kind of Vegas no doubt. I hope they don’t go soft, or softer than they have been. How many times can his daughter get kidnapped?

Tom Selleck is reportedly to play the new owner of the Montecito.

Most Actors/Actresses meaning Nikki Cox who leave their respected shows usually end up not going anywhere. Don’t get me wrong there are exceptions to this rule and some of them star on this show. Nikki has dramatically changed her appearance. We do not think in a good way. She has gotten way to skinny, wafer thin, and hopefully not anorexic. We like Nikki and feel she is a very wholesome character on the show and hope they can find someone to fill her shoes.

James Caan, what can we say? We are sad to see him leave, but he will bounce back and make everything he stars in a hit. We have a very short list of favorites and he is on that list.


Tropicana Updating More Than Expected

The Tropicana Resort and Casino is a place of Casino legend. It opened 50 years ago on April 4th 1957 and shortly after that a failed mob assassination. The Tropicana was mob owned for decades but for those who don’t know Vegas hasn’t been in bed with the Mob in Years, just ask the Mayor, Oscar B Goodman, who used to defend mobsters back in the day.

Today the Tropicana is owned by Columbia Sussex which is headquartered in Fort Mitchel, Kentucky. Columiba Sussex is planning to revamp and destroy most of the property. Luckily the motel to the side of the main casino will be gone and new towers will be erected in their place which will take the room count to 10,000 by the year 2010. Coinless slot machines will now be the norm in the Tropicana. The Folies Bergere show and the Tiffany Theatre will survive, at least they haven’t forgotten their past.

The bad thing is that the 4,000 square foot stained glass ceiling that extends the length of the casino will be gone. It was installed in 1979 and estimated to be worth over a Million dollars.

I am sure there is more to come about the upgrade and we will get to it when it comes.