NBC’s Las Vegas Without James Caan and Nikki Cox

NBC’s Las Vegas will continue its fifth season without two original cast members, James Caan and Nikki Cox.

James Caan wants to return to doing movies and Nikki Cox wants to take her career in a different direction.

To fill their shoes NBC is trying to bring Tom Selleck on to the show. We here a VegasHipster.com watched “Magnum P.I” all the time. We can’t wait to see Rick, T.C and Higgins (Higgy Baby) Make guest appearances that would be sweet! We are not sure how Tom Selleck will fill James Caan’s shoes, we like the old school that Caan brought to the table. It was our kind of Vegas no doubt. I hope they don’t go soft, or softer than they have been. How many times can his daughter get kidnapped?

Tom Selleck is reportedly to play the new owner of the Montecito.

Most Actors/Actresses meaning Nikki Cox who leave their respected shows usually end up not going anywhere. Don’t get me wrong there are exceptions to this rule and some of them star on this show. Nikki has dramatically changed her appearance. We do not think in a good way. She has gotten way to skinny, wafer thin, and hopefully not anorexic. We like Nikki and feel she is a very wholesome character on the show and hope they can find someone to fill her shoes.

James Caan, what can we say? We are sad to see him leave, but he will bounce back and make everything he stars in a hit. We have a very short list of favorites and he is on that list.


2 thoughts on “NBC’s Las Vegas Without James Caan and Nikki Cox

  1. Although I’m a big fan of Tom Selleck, since Janes Cann and Niki Cox left the show, this series sucks. I kept hoping it would improve, but the writing also sucks.

  2. Gizmo, True!
    I love old Vegas and the lifestyle James Caan brought to the show. But, there are only so many story-lines like “Girl gets kidnapped and James Caan will save the day” I too am hoping for more.

    I wish they would call me for Ideas

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