MGM and Dubai World to split costs

From the people who brought you the homemade islands that look like palm trees and the tallest building in the world, Dubai is back with another investment. Dubai World will invest $5 billion in Kirk Kerkorian’s MGM Mirage. This will make Dubai World a partner with MGM Mirage as it expands into the real estate business.

Dubai definitely has the resources to help Project CityCenter push past any money woes it may have. Dubai World will pay $2.7 billion for half of the 76-acre Project CityCenter and $2.4 billion in MGM Mirage stock.

“Shares jumped $6.62, or 8.9 percent, to $80.94 Wednesday. They rose another 0.7 percent, or 56 cents, to $81.50 in after-hours trading.” (Yahoo)

“MGM Mirage will remain CityCenter’s developer and will be paid a healthy management fee of 2 percent of gross revenues from the hotel-casino and its Vdara condo-hotel. It will also claim 5 percent of operating profits and a flat $3 million annual fee for managing the shopping center, before its 50 percent share of the net profit is determined”, Lanni said.

MGM Mirage will also get a $100 million bonus from Dubai World if the CityCenter project is finished on budget and on-time, late 2009.

Shooting on Vegas Strip

Yes, another shooting on the Vegas Strip. This time not in a casino but outside of Margaritaville which is connected to the Las Vegas Flamingo. At Approximately 3am 4 innocent Vegas tourists were shot in the legs and were taken to UMC and all but one has been released. The Gunman is still on the loose.

Police said as many as 30 people broke into two groups and starting fighting and then shots were fired on the Las Vegas Strip.

“Some witnesses say right before the shooting, they were warned a fight was about to break out.” and “Witnesses told police the suspects were black males in white T-shirts but lacked detailed descriptions.” Source:

As reported on, the gangs on the Las Vegas strip have been getting pretty bold lately. Just search on his site for Gangs.

We have been getting a lot of reports in our email, Forums and blog that people are getting scared to go to Las Vegas. There has been way too many shootings on the Vegas Strip. Hopefully this incident will raise some awareness and will put an end to the Violence on the Vegas Strip.

Caesars Palace Shooting

Las Vegas Caesars Palace was the place of another shooting. It happened around 4am August 4th in the Caesars Palace Garage near the elevators.

The shooting took place over an argument. A man was knocked to the ground during an fistfight, got up went to get a gun came back and shot the two, one in the knee and the other twice in the arm. The shooting victims were treated and released from University Medical Center.

There have been two shootings in one month’s time, the last one occurred at Las Vegas Hotel NYNY.

What is happening in Las Vegas? The news media was very slow to release this information just like the bomb at the Luxor and the NYNY shootings. I understand that Vegas lives on the tourists money and want to keep bad press to a minimum, but this press is really bad. I have been reading other Blogs and reviewing other “casts” and they are throwing a fit. (disclaimer) not all Blogs or “Casts”. Vegas is a town just like other towns, what makes it that way are the people. No amount of security can be everywhere all the time.

I still feel safe in Vegas. “If you don’t start nothing there will be nothing.”

Las Vegas Treasure Island Tangerine Closing

The Las Vegas Hotel Treasure Island is closing Tangerine.

The Pure Management Group will be closing Tangerine after September 1st due to the competition in the area, and it is just over three years old. The Pure Management Group is planning to open a new nightclub by New Years Eve.

A lot of people liked Tangering, we thought the place was small and the Music was bad but the location was great.

The closing party on September 1 will be hosted by Dave Navarro

Excalibur Remodeled 1000 Rooms

Excalibur Remodeled 1000 to entice you to come back or at least stay there.

The last time I stayed at the Excalibur I was looking for any place to stay because of the Sema convention. I did get a great rate at the Excalibur and they still had rooms available in short notice. I wasn’t looking for plush just a place to lay my head. The rooms looked very dated and had some maintenance issues, like the shower wouldn’t drain, their were stains on the carpet, the windows weren’t clean and the carpet left a lot to be desired, Well lets just say everything was out-dated and needed to be replaced.

Excalibur Las Vegas has finally pulled the trigger and updated some of their rooms. They are called the Widescreen Rooms and they have been upgraded from floor to ceiling. They have a 42″ Plasma Screen Television, Pilow Top Mattresses, upgraded bathrooms with Granite and iPod Alarm clocks. The alarm clock didn’t work in our old room.

The Widescreen Rooms are a little more expensive but offer great views.

Newly Renovated Rooms at Excalibur. Click here to learn more.