Caesars Palace Shooting

Las Vegas Caesars Palace was the place of another shooting. It happened around 4am August 4th in the Caesars Palace Garage near the elevators.

The shooting took place over an argument. A man was knocked to the ground during an fistfight, got up went to get a gun came back and shot the two, one in the knee and the other twice in the arm. The shooting victims were treated and released from University Medical Center.

There have been two shootings in one month’s time, the last one occurred at Las Vegas Hotel NYNY.

What is happening in Las Vegas? The news media was very slow to release this information just like the bomb at the Luxor and the NYNY shootings. I understand that Vegas lives on the tourists money and want to keep bad press to a minimum, but this press is really bad. I have been reading other Blogs and reviewing other “casts” and they are throwing a fit. (disclaimer) not all Blogs or “Casts”. Vegas is a town just like other towns, what makes it that way are the people. No amount of security can be everywhere all the time.

I still feel safe in Vegas. “If you don’t start nothing there will be nothing.”

5 thoughts on “Caesars Palace Shooting

  1. I am getting worried about going to Vegas. I sometimes like to walk from the Hilton to the strip and I always walk quickly through there. I have had a person who was sitting on a curb get up and start following me until I turned and looked at him.

    I have also read on another website that the dead area from the MGM down to the Harley store is getting to be pretty bad.

    My friend who lives in Vegas says that the gangs are getting more and more visible.

  2. My friend lives in Vegas and he said the Gangs are getting worse on the strip and advised me to stay off the side streets.

    He did say the gang action should quiet down because they are ramping up police presence on the strip

  3. I don’t go off the Vegas Strip anymore. All this stuff about guns and Gangs scares me. I always make sure I have someone with me at night. I used to feel safe in Vegas but now I do not, after hearing about everything you don’t hear about on the news

  4. Just like any big city there going to be trouble. I still feel safe in Vegas or in any Las Vegas hotel. They just hit a speed bump, that too shall pass

  5. Don’t be scared just be as cautious in Vegas as you would anyplace else.
    People think Vegas is free from all crime etc… because all the know about is what is happening on the strip. Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos are not the real world, especially in suburban/rural Las Vegas, get over it people

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