Shooting on Vegas Strip

Yes, another shooting on the Vegas Strip. This time not in a casino but outside of Margaritaville which is connected to the Las Vegas Flamingo. At Approximately 3am 4 innocent Vegas tourists were shot in the legs and were taken to UMC and all but one has been released. The Gunman is still on the loose.

Police said as many as 30 people broke into two groups and starting fighting and then shots were fired on the Las Vegas Strip.

“Some witnesses say right before the shooting, they were warned a fight was about to break out.” and “Witnesses told police the suspects were black males in white T-shirts but lacked detailed descriptions.” Source:

As reported on, the gangs on the Las Vegas strip have been getting pretty bold lately. Just search on his site for Gangs.

We have been getting a lot of reports in our email, Forums and blog that people are getting scared to go to Las Vegas. There has been way too many shootings on the Vegas Strip. Hopefully this incident will raise some awareness and will put an end to the Violence on the Vegas Strip.

5 thoughts on “Shooting on Vegas Strip

  1. I am getting way to freaked out about the Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip. I go into Margaritaville all the time to have a drink and look at the souvenirs.

    I also went over to vegasrex, he has some first hand accounts about the gangs on the Las Vegas strip

  2. This is becoming a regular topic of discussion. I was thinking this would be a one time, two time, I mean three, 4 time incident. I know there is a lot more going on in Vegas than we hear about. This is some bad press, but if you let it bother you it will bother you. Vegas is not free of crime, we just didn’t hear about it that often

  3. I was at this shooting, on vacation at my brothers bachelor party. The actual shooting happened in O’sheas. The man walked in as I was returning to one of the craps tables right in front. He shot at the table next to where my friends were standing. I just wanted to clarify this somewhere because all the reports claim it was outside

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