Las Vegas Treasure Island Tangerine Closing

The Las Vegas Hotel Treasure Island is closing Tangerine.

The Pure Management Group will be closing Tangerine after September 1st due to the competition in the area, and it is just over three years old. The Pure Management Group is planning to open a new nightclub by New Years Eve.

A lot of people liked Tangering, we thought the place was small and the Music was bad but the location was great.

The closing party on September 1 will be hosted by Dave Navarro

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Treasure Island Tangerine Closing

  1. What the…
    We loved this place, the view was great and had great atmosphere. The stories I could tell

  2. This place was past due, it had lousy music and no one was ever there except on premiers. It needed an upgrade.

    Everytime we went there it was dead

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