Bob Stupak Dies at the age of 67

Bob Stupak, best known for building the Stratosphere, passed away at age 67 from Lukemia.

Stupak was a Vegas icon who loved publicity. In 1989 he placed a $1 million Bet on the Super Bowl and won. Bob was also very charitable, when it came to the city of Las Vegas.

The Stratosphere will be one of Bob’s legacies. I remember when the news broke that the Stratosphere’s one leg was shorter than the other and it would cost millions to fix. Bob, was determined to see his dream of the Stratorsphere come true and leveraged some of the casino to have it fixed so progress could continue.

What happens in, Vegas Stays in Vegas

Finally, the Tourism leaders drop their new themes and went back to something that works. We didn’t like it when it changed the first time.

Remember back in the 90’s, “Las Vegas is the number one Family Destination” (Clark Griswald) Family? “We don’t need no stinkin family”. Leave the kids at home.

Some of the Old themes were:Vegas Right Now, Crazy Times call for crazy fun”
I did like “Vegas Calling” with Don Rickles.

Hard Rock Hotel Fire

There is vulgar language in the YouTube post (NSFW)

Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas had a small fire due to an air conditioning unit on the second floor overheating in a wall being built. Heavy Smoke alerted security and guests, there were no smoke detectors/alarms in the new construction area.

The evacuation lasted for two hours, can’t be too safe. I hope the guests got free drink coupons.

There were no serious injuries, but one hotel swcuity staff went to the hospital due to smote inhalation, we hope it is not Deebo from Rehab.

The fire interupted everything from the opening day of the NFL at the sportsbook to the Rehab pool party.

The first five floors suffered from smoke and water damage.

NFL in Vegas Brings in Money

Sunday was the official kick-off to the NFL Season (Thrusday Night didn’t count).

(repost from Lasvegas Now)
LAS VEGAS, Nv — Sunday was the official kick off to the NFL season and that’s bringing in a lot of money for Las Vegas sports books.

The economy is getting a big boost thanks to Americans loving football. The Hilton Sports Book, which has been slow all summer, was packed Sunday.

“We might have found the only thing that is recession proof and that’s the NFL,” said Jay Kornegay. Hilton Sports Book Executive Director Jay Kornegay admits he was surprised to see a packed house. As with everything these days, he figured betting on football would take a hit because of the economy, but Sunday proved that theory wrong.

On average, folks are betting anywhere from $50 to $100. But some are dropping cash in the five digits.

“I was very surprised this morning when I got in here at 9 o’ clock there was a line 10-15 deep at the minimum $1000 bets,” said Frank Nein. Nein, a diehard football fan just like the others who showed up Sunday morning, say they wouldn’t miss the start of the season for anything. And betting makes it all that more interesting to watch.

“Las Vegas benefits from the football season including taxi cab drivers, bartenders, restaurants everyone benefits from the NFL,” said Kornegay. This is the second busiest weekend for sports book following Super bowl Sunday.

Sapphire at the Rio Arrests

On July 25th 8 people were arrested for either solicitation of prostitution and/or Posession of narcotics/paraphernailia.

“The eight peopl charged by the district attorney’s office with soliciting prostitution: Jennah Lieboff, Melissa Cortney Essmaker, Galiana Slavshea Georgieva, Elizabeth Alma Corbin, Tobi Jean Sorenson (two counts) and Inna Kokin (two counts). Other charges include those against Erica Faye Hefley and Victor Manuel Camarillo, who were charged with sale of cocaine, conspiracy to violate the Uniform Controlled Substance Act and possession of cocaine with the intent to sell.” (Las Vegas sun)

Two of the women, Phoenix Kuzara (soliciting prostitution) and Brooke Firks (obstructing a public officer), will not be charged due to insufficient evidence.

No Charges have been filed against the Rio or Sapphire Gentlemen’s club. The Nevada Gaming Control Board was unable to comment.

Other Undercover operations between LV Metro and the Nevada Gaming continue to happen around Vegas pools

Hard Rock Cafe Vegas gets a Huge Interactive Touch Screen

The Hard Rock Cafe in Vegas is home to a new “Gigantic” interactive touch screen video wall.

The 18×4 foot touch screen enables up to six guests to simultaneously to scroll, zoom, swipe, and navigate The Hard Rocks huge memorabilia collection.

Obscura (the Manufacturer) claims the the screen might be the world’s highest resolution interacive display available to the public. Outfitted with three HD projectors, project the content from behind the glass screen.

Here is the link to The Hard Rocks press release
Here is the link to Obscura

Planet Hollywood Poker Room Scam

Planet Hollywood Poker Room Scam
Four of Planet Hollywood casino supervisors and managers were charged with felony crimes including: theft, Forgery and conspiracy to commit theft.

Jonathan Sanner, Jason Peterson and Thomas R. Kordick, all of Las Vegas, and Scott Marshall of Henderson were arrested Aug. 21 by Gaming Control Board officers and Metro Police

The men were in charge of signing off on the Poker Room Payouts. The Security stafff at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas checked the names on the winners “form” against the actual players and the names were fictional. Also, security footage showed one of the men (Thomas Kordick) creating a fictional “High Hand” Jackpot in the Planet Hollywood record log, Then the supervisor in charge (Scott Marshall) signed off on the payout.

The team of alleged thieves (innocent until proven guilty) netted $2201.00 in their scam.

Drug Bust at Rehab Pool Party

The Rehab pool party ended Sunday with handcuffs for eight people accused of dealing drugs and offering sex at the event. Undercover Metro officers made eight arrests Sunday at the Hard Rock’s popular pool party.

This is of Metro’s crackdown on illegal activity at poolside parties. Most of the suspects are from out of town.

Rehab is only the latest to have been hit by Metro’s Vice Unit. Last month, Prive was temporarily shut down and fined. Several people were also arrested at the Rio’s pool for lewd conduct.

Nevada Leads Nation for Teen Pregnancies

Not only does Nevada have the marked cornered on Home Foclosures, they have the worst Teen Pregnancy Rate from across the nation. The stats: for every 1,000 girls, 113 of them are pregnant.

Here is an snipet from “Channel 8, Las Vegas Now”
The non-profit agencies that counsel teenagers say the lack of education and the economy are to blame for the increase.

“Pam Caylor runs the privately funded non-profit and partly blames the economy for the teenage pregnancy problem in Nevada. “With hard times, people are not going out as much. They are choosing other ways of entertainment, to be honest,” she said.

Both Caylor and Magnus agree that parents also must become involved to talk to their children before they are placed in a situation where they could end up pregnant.”

Forclosures, Gangs, and now Pregnancy… I hope LV can get a grip on their city.