Real World Las Vegas 2 Observations

Was Brynn really a party girl during season one? I got The Real World Las Vegas Season One after it first aired for a B-day present. So I took some time and I went back and watch season one. I paid close attention to all the Vegas sights and sound first and secondly the character development, which is more important? I have been using my Tivo to record Las Vegas Season 2, so I am not that hyped about the show, but it is Vegas.

My Observations: Brynn kissed a girl and was a go go dancer but what else did she do that was so wild? She found her boyfriend and the second half of of season one she disapeared. I feel that MTV Hyped up the fact she was a party girl, just like they hyped Trishelle as a good girl. They are total polar opposites now from the way they were portraid. Brynn has settled down and has two children, Trishelle on the other hand is still carrying the torch of a single party girl. I do not discount the fact that Vegas may have changed Trishelle, I know it did me, but how much do you think she actually changed or was she already that way. In no way am I faulting either of the two for who they are or who they have become, they both have goals and I hope they acheive them, but the trailer for season one was better than the movie.

Also, I should stop counting all the product placements for The Palms and other things.

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  1. I agree, but we have to realize MTV plan these things to they have the dynamics for a good show.

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