Vegas Thrills at Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Skydiving in Vegas

Ever wanted to just fly away? We have too, and Vegas Indoor Skydiving gives everyone who meets the requirements just the opportunity they’ve been looking for. Vegas Indoor Skydiving has been open since 1982 and provides the opportunity of a lifetime to those interested in flight. You may have seen celebrities such as Travis Pastrana and Britney Spears give it a whirl; now you can, too. From instruction to flight, the whole process takes an hour for a first-timer and costs $75, then only $40 for a repeat flight the same day. You’ll also want to check out your DVD ($25) for laughs afterwards.

Want to know more? Check out Vegas Indoor Skydiving’s site. Also, we have a money-saving hotel deal at the Rio to help get you in the air for less.

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