Quincy Jones — Steve Wynn and Joe Francis Gave Me Heart Problems

Courtesy TMZ

Joe Quincy Steve WynnMusic legend Quincy Jones claims Steve Wynn and Joe Francis’ legal war over an alleged murder plot has caused him “grave fear of his health” — including difficulty breathing and heart palpitations.

TMZ broke the story … Jones was subpoenaed to testify in Wynn’s defamation lawsuit against Francis, in which the “Girls Gone Wild” creator has claimed Wynn threatened to kill him and have him buried in the desert over a debt Francis owed to Wynn’s casino.

According to Francis, Jones had seen an email from Wynn detailing the murder plot — so Wynn called on 79-year-old Jones to testify in order to prove Francis was full of crap.

But right after he was served with a subpoena last week at the airport, Jones claims he experienced “increased anxiety, heart palpitations, and difficulty breathing.”

Jones then got a letter from his doctor asking to be excused from the trial, in which his doc writes, “I have examined Mr. Jones and at this time I highly recommend that he not be required to testify in a court setting that will only exacerbate his current deteriorating condition.”

The subpoena has since been quashed and Jones is no longer required to testify.

Steve Wynn Admits He Gave Donation to United Way

Steve Wynn donation(from Yahoo via ABC news) A half-year mystery for 4,000 families in southern Nevada was at last solved when casino mogul Steve Wynn made it known that he’d made the anonymous donation of $2 million to the United Way of Southern Nevada.

“Last year I gave away 125 percent of my salary,” Wynn told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I gave away $20 million. You know that Secret Santa Claus program for 1,000 people? Well, that’s us. And I don’t want to say this, but I did it again in April. Another million bucks. The United Way gives me the name of the families in the toughest shape.”

Congratulations to Mr. Wynn on a job well done.

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Garth Brooks to Perform at the Wynn

Garth Brooks is coming out of retirement to perform at the Wynn Las Vegas for an extended period of time. Garth Brooks at the Wynn has been rumored for some time. Garth has been retired since 2000, to spend more time with his children.

Garth Brooks beat Steve Wynn to the punch with the announcement that he would be staring at the Wynn. Steve Wynn had a press conference scheduled for later today.

The Encore Theater at the Wynn has been mostly empty since the Death of Danny Gans in May.