Riviera in Vegas Brings Back Bingo

Las Vegas Bingo at the Riviera

After a four-year absence from the Vegas gaming scene, the Riviera is bringing bingo back to the fold. After exiting Chapter 11 on April 1, the new Riviera is under new management and launching a complete revamp of many areas, including the bingo room. This isn’t your traditional chips and white cards setup, however, as the Riviera is targeting all audiences, particularly the males age 20-40 demographic. Now, the bingo machines are electronic, with players having the choice of using fixed monitors or hand-held devices. Gone are the days of only the older crowd playing–the Riviera says bingo is for everyone. Better yet, the big games will move to a bigger area and the bingo room is projected to break even at the least.

Other hotels are following suit.The Plaza will also reopen on August 24 with a $150,000 bingo tournament as well, and a waiting list that has grown to 160. If you’re looking for Vegas gaming at its finest, look into information on the Riviera, as well as checking out Plaza info.

Riviera Las Vegas Files Chapter 11

Riviera Las Vegas

Riviera Las Vegas

Riviera Holdings Corp., owner of casinos in Las Vegas and subsidiaries Riviera Operating Corp, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization Monday.

The Recession is putting a squeeze on the Riviera and its assets are worth less than its liability.

The Riviera will continue its operation uninterrupted.

Riviera attorneys wrote: “Debtors were faced with declining hotel and casino revenues based on reduced consumer spending, a tightening credit market, and an overall weakening economy.

Riviera Holdings said it lost $4.5 million in the first quarter, amounting to 36 cents per share, compared to a year-ago quarter of $1 million or 8 cents per share.

We hope the Riviera can hold on.