Female Caddies at Rio Secco Las Vegas

Rio Secco golf in las vegas

Rio Secco T-Mates

The Rio Secco Golf Club in Las Vegas has something pretty interesting going on and they are called T-Mates.  T-Mates are Las Vegas’ only genuine female caddies.  This is probably something you won’t tell your girlfriend about.

Guests of the Rio Secco can reserve aT-Mate who will server as your golf hostess or hostesses.  The Website states: “Not only are they young and attractive ladies, but their Caddie skills have been tested through an intensive training program, and tee to green can match up to any traditional Caddie program anywhere.”

I wonder if Rodney Dangerfield would have ordered some of these from the pro-shop in “Caddy Shack”.  “Give me two of those, a box of those, a set of naked lady tees and a free bowl of soup”.

What is a T-Mate?

Trained by the Rio Secco Golf Club staff to be the best caddie program around.  On course tested and approved by the highest level of Rio Secco management.  T-Mates are also:

• Fun
• Outgoing
• Physically Fit
• Reliable
• Attractive
• Great Personality
• Entertaining
• Supportive
• Great Communicator

T-Mates Services:

• Greets the guest at the door
• Provides concierge services
• Registers guests in Golf Shop
• Assists in proshop purchases
• Accompanies golfers throughout their round
• Maintains scorecard
• Assists players on the green
• Provides expert information and assists with strategic play
• Replaces divots and fixes ball marks
• Informs players of obstacles
• Provides beverages
• Calls in lunch orders
• Moves carts as needed
• Supplies extra tees/ball markers/towels