Vegas cabbie finds, returns $221,510, gets $2,000 reward

las vegas taxi

From Yahoo:

A Las Vegas taxi driver found $221,510 while cleaning and vacuuming out his van last month.

Adam Woldemarim, the driver, discovered the cash stuffed in a soft laptop case that was left between the seats of the Virgin Valley Cab vehicle. Woldemarim turned it in, then was lucky enough to be rewarded with $2,000, about a 1% tip for his services. Well one way to look at it is; Adam must of been real glad his wife made him read these vacuum reviews, which in turn made him clean his van in time, before a client scored the cash!

The winner had just won big at the Wynn and forgotten the cash in the case on the way to the airport. All good deeds go rewarded in this case!

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