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What to Wear in Las Vegas.
Dress Codes for Las Vegas
When coming to Las Vegas make sure you pack for the weather, it is usually hot in the summer time and temperate to cold in the winter.

Outside Attire:
Wearing shorts during the summer is a must especially if you are planning being outside. In the winter time jeans is the normal fare, but during the day while on the strip we found ourselves wearing shorts and carrying a light jacket.

If you plan to walk the Las Vegas Strip or visit other casinos, wear a very comfortable pair of shoes. The casinos look close together but once you start walking you will soon realize how far apart they are.

Winter attire:
Las Vegas can get cold during the winter, especially at night, If you find a sunny spot during the daytime and there is no wind, it will feel great. Wear jeans or slacks all day and carry a jacket, especially at night. Vegas during wintertime can fluctuate between 30 and 65 degrees. Without a doubt Vegas in January is cold at night.

Casino Attire:
Jeans and Shorts are very acceptable inside a casino as long as you present yourself well and are clean. For most people they wear shorts during the day and step it up a bit at night and put on jeans or their evening attire. Evening attire includes: Jeans, Slacks, Dresses, Skirts, Button down shirt something a little more high-class while standing around a craps table. That is not to say you canít wear shorts, we have on many occasions because we were either on a roll, or just didnít feel like it. But most people at the strip casinos dress up a bit at night.

For Locals Casinos and Downtown the dress is very casual.

Nightclub Attire:
Most all Nightclubs and Lounges have dress codes and they are usually pretty strict about it. So as a rule of thumb, no shorts, no sandals or flip-flops, wear a collared shirt, Also a lot of clubs do not allow sneakers so to be safe I would leave them in the hotel room.

All of the people at the clubs are dressed to be noticed, and have a look at me attitude. Because of this I would dress up and have a good time. if you do not dress-up you probably will feel out of place.

Ladies Nightclub Attire:
Wear the "LBD" Little Black Dress. Wear something Sexy and fun. You want to wear clothes that will get you noticed and to the front of the line.

Mens Nightclub Attire:
No Shorts, No Tennis (Gym) shoes, No Sandals.
Wear nice pants, typically black, designer jeans wor or at least jeans that look designer. Wear a collared shirt. As far as the lounges with free acts in the hotel they are pretty casual and will let you slide a little.

Dining Attire:
When eating at a buffet the dress is usually casual. There are slight exceptions to the rule when eating at a fancy buffet, but do feel to obligated to change.

Fine Dinning
By all means get dressed-up. Some Dining establishments have a dress code, so no sneakers, collard shirt and slacks for the men and ladies well you know what to do. If you feel that you need to call the restaurant for the dress code do not feel ashamed some of them and we have eaten there require a suite jacket.

Las Vegas Shows:
During a daytime show feel free to dress comfortably, shorts are ok. But if you are going to see a higher-end show you will want to dress up or run the risk of feeling a little underdressed.

If you follow the rule of daytime casual and nighttime dress-up you will be ok. Bring comfortable shoes for walking.