Trouble in Jay Z’s 40/40 Club Las Vegas

Jay Z’s new 40/40 club opening has been less than smooth. The reports from the employees are that the owner is less than professional and wasn’t prepared for the December 30th opening.

From what we have read, over 100 or staff members have been either fired or have walked off the job and out of the 10 original managers only 2 remain. The managers were let go for questioning operational procedures. It was also reported that 55 of the 90 security staff were also let go. From our understanding the staffers that were fired were done so without valid reason or over petty issues. One report covered areas that the staff was never trained on the new cash register system and any breakages or spills had to be paid for out of their employees pocket.

I do not know what this says about the owner or operating partner Desiree Perez. I don’t know if it was a scare tactic to get the other employees to understand who is boss or the fact that they ramped up the staff for the big New Years bash. Only time will tell the true story, since everyone has their own version. I have read many posts on Forums, Blogs and other websites, for and against the Jay Z 40/40 club, but there is an overwhelming posts bashing the club.

If I were the club owner, I would keep quit, fix the employee issues and let this pass.

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