The Auto Collection at the Imperial Palace

The Auto Collection at Imperial Palace

The Auto Collection at Imperial Palace

The Auto Show at the Imperial Palace
We had a chance to visit the auto show at the Imperial Palace and had quite a good time looking at all of the cars. There are a lot of cars, trust us. These are some of the best preserved and well maintained cars we have ever seen. They needed more BMW’s though. Every Classic make was represented, from original Mercedes to Johnny Carson’s car.

Do not be fooled this is located on the 5th floor of the Imperial Parking garage and it is located way to the back, but it well worth it. You have to snake around to the left of the Imperial Palace Casino and head towards the back, when you pass the gift shops and it opens up a bit there is an elevator to the right next to a ramp. The elevator ride could have been better, it was slow and we stopped at every floor. Our initial thoughts were it was going to be a joke and have about 5 cars and be located in an open parking garage, boy were we wrong!

The garage is setup just like a car show and it is walled in and air conditioned. It doesn’t feel like a garage when you are walking around. There is a lot to see here and it will take some time if you are a car enthusiast. They do have a pretty big gift shop and it is well stocked.

They literally have over $100mil worth of cars on display. If you have the cash they are all for sale. We counted at least 250 cars on display as we walked through.

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