Sahara Las Vegas is Closing

Sahara Las Vegas Closing

Sahara Las Vegas Closing May 16th 211

The Sahara Hotel and Casino is closing May 16th 2011. The Sahara opened in 1952 and starred in the original Oceans 11 now nearly 6 decades later, the 59 year old hotel has seen better days and will be closing its doors.

“The continued operation of the aging Sahara was no longer economically viable,” CEO Sam Nazarian of owner SBE Entertainment Group said.  He also stated: “With Las Vegas showing early signs of recovery, we are confident that we ultimately will find a creative and comprehensive new solution for this historic property,”

We have visited the Sahara many times over the years and in the end they had to succumb to the $1 Blackjack and the no frills casino.  The only saving grace was the visit from Man vs. Food who tried to eat their 6lb burrito.  The Sahara is on the north end of the strip and it is not located in the best of areas.  It was good for a cheap place to stay and gamble, but to get to the night life you either have to rent a car or hop on a bus.

Nazarian said his company is considering options of a remodel, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.  It will be almost impossible to get financing in Las Vegas right now.  All you have to do is look next door to Echelon which has been just a skeleton for years and the Fontainbleau hotel which will be unfinished for years to come.  Let alone the empty lots all around.  Vegas has taken a beating and it will be a while before it recovers.

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