MGM Grand unveils $160 million room renovation in Las Vegas

MGM Grand unveils $160 million room renovation in Las Vegas


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This is a bedroom in one of the MGM Grand’s remodeled suites

Eight years in the making and a year of construction the MGM Grand is near total completion of the $160 million renovation and opens up the new Skyline Terrace Suites this afternoon.

These huge two-story suites will go for about $725 a night and includes a huge 780-square-foot patio overlooking the Vegas Strip. The suite includes a glass staircase, huge windows for your viewing pleasure, and a sound system that will hook up to any MP3 device and play everywhere in the suite, including the shower.

MGM Grand is also opening its “Stay Well” rooms. These are similar designs to other hotels rooms but the “Stay Well” rooms include features such as a sunrise simulator, and blue lights in the bathroom to help people overcome jet lag….or help them wake up after a late night of partying.


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