Hoagy’s run-in with the sky-galley

Players: Shepherd

Lucky me, I was sitting in First Class (FC) and was feeling a bit spry. So I went back to see the boys in coach, to find out what shenanigans they were up to. After a short visit I felt compelled to go back in first class ask the flight attendant to fill a drink order for my mates back in coach. She thought that was a nice gesture and rounded up some Bloody Mary’s, and delivered the goods. Minding my own business I reclined and put my phones on and started dozing off. WHAM, the next thing I knew my right headset was covering my right eye and the FA gave me the dirtiest look I have seen in a while, and said, “They didn’t know you!!” Found out later that Shepherd told the FA that I have been stalking them ever since they were in the men’s bathroom in our departure city. WOW, that FA was MAD! As a side note she realized the prank after we all boarded the plane after our layover.

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