Gold Coast Club Coast Reward point changed.

If you haven’t heard the Gold Coast Casino changed their Club Coast Reward program from a coin-out to a coin-in program.

Starting Monday October 29th every dollar of coin-in play will earn one point. Some other great news for the point switch is at the end of the day on October 29th 2007 the point balance you have will be tripled. Also, for every dollar of coin-in played until January 14th 2008 you will receive three points.

I am not sure how much I like this, but it helps if you have never won anything at the Gold Coast and keep pumping into the casino. We will have to see how this one plays out.

2 thoughts on “Gold Coast Club Coast Reward point changed.

  1. The only way to look at this is Coast Casinos is changing the rules and giving their loyal customers two thirds LESS.
    4,000 points used to get you twelve dollars. now it gets you $4.00. Wow, what a deal! They have also changed their 9/6 25 cent double double to 8/5 on most machines. 10 cent Aces bonus used to be 10/7, it is now 9/5. I will go where the odds are better and the rewards have not been drastically reduced. Thanks for the memories

  2. Joe,
    It is a sad day for the Gold Coast property, but they are following a trend with reward points, which is usually a penny a point. A little off subject, but my Harrah’s Credit Card has always been 1 dollar per thousand.

    You are right when you said there was no good Video Poker at the Gold Coast. I walked through Gold Coast two weekends ago and I was hard pressed to find any playable video poker, which is now true for most casinos near the strip.

    I have noticed a growing number of Video Poker players that aren’t seasoned, you can tell a person that has spent some time in-front of a VP machine. I am not sure if people are hearing that VP is the machine to play and are just trying it out, but I saw a lot of junior plays going on. (i.e. keeping a pair instead of going for a royal).

    I have also seen a trend in people playing the 10, 50, 100 play VP machines. Which leads me to have more observations, one: you don’t lose your money as fast if you play cautiously, two: it is exciting, three: the players don’t know any better and are just there to have fun. Don’t get me wrong I know there are some veterans of these types of machines that can really rack up some dollars.

    As you know the strip casinos are phasing out the good VP and so I have been going back to my old “faithfuls”, playing more afternoon table games.

    Thanks for the Comment.

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