DV8R’s Best Trip Ever

The Players: Me, Shepherd, lil’ Markie

When:One hour before departure

Again, DV8R has to Rest before departure time; we loaded up his carryon bag with the small leave-behinds the hotel places in the room for your reading enjoyment and all of the street smut we could bear to carry. So the departure and the ride home went smooth, he never noticed that his bag was so packed with crap that the zipper about busted. Well anyhow he gets home and his momma is waiting up to hear all about this Vegas Vacation, so he unzips his bag looking for the obligatory knickknack dice and shot-glass but, starts pulling out all of the binders, paper, magazines, TV-guides, and doesn’t really know why or how they got in there so he shows off anyway until. He gets to those little escort cards they hand out on the strip personally signed DV8R, had a great time last night, call me! I will end the story there, oh yeah, try to imagine his moms face!

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