Cab Money what’s that?

Players: Me

I flew out with a friend for a day trip a while back and did the mandatory 40-mile march up and down the strip. So we proceeded to gamble and have a swinging time. The day grew short and we needed to head back to the airport to catch a lift home. So we proceeded to the corner and flagged down a cab. I was asked by my dame “do you have enough dough.” I checked my wallet. Puzzled by the vacancy, I asked her “how much you’s got?” I got the look of puzzlement from her too. She began reminiscing about all of my money she lost playing slots. We were down by the Circus Circus with no bread. I had 35cents to my name. I could’ve swiped my card, but being the player that I am, I bet 25cents of my last 35 and hit. Needless to say I am not stranded.

One thought on “Cab Money what’s that?

  1. I was just back-reading your site and just read the Cab Money story, I have had the same experience, thinking I had more money than I really had, Great stuff

    Everyone has some great Vegas stories

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