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Entertainment : Vegas The Show

Want to learn the history of one of the most exciting towns in the United States? Ever wonder what it was like back in the old school days of Vegas? Well now is your chance to find out. “Vegas! The Show” takes everything you know and love (and even things you may not have known) about the old days and presents them in grand fashion. All the glitz, glamour and music recreated in this spectacular musical event that is not to be missed. The show begins inside the famed “Neon Graveyard” where all of the now infamous lights of Vegas have been laid to rest and goes on to tell the story of what Vegas used to be. Returning the audience to the glory days of a town that once was. The show offers a unique perspective of where Vegas was, but also shows just how far it has come and where it is going. Featuring the music of some of the biggest stars in Vegas including The Rat Pack and Elvis, “Vegas! The Show” also showcases more of the entertainment that transformed this town into the entertainment capital of the world. Witness the evolution of entertainment the only way Vegas know how to do it, in an over the top, high energy, mesmerizing musical spectacular.

Show Name:
Vegas The Show

Show Room:
Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino



7:00pm & 9:00 nightly



Total Ratings:


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